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Coaching & Mentoring

Want to bring your project management office to the next level? Need some guidance to improve scheduling related products such as reports and visuals? Let us guide you and your team to get more out of your project schedules.

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Who is this for?

This service is ideal for organizations that already have a full project management team but are looking to automate and improve project scheduling process. We can mentor your project schedulers and project managers to help your organization get more out of your schedules.

Why Choose Us?

Our founder and senior scheduler, Jason Grabowski, has years of experience not only building schedules but also coaching and mentoring junior schedulers. Leverage his knowledge and expertise to improve your organization’s scheduling capability.

Our Process

1. Discovery Call

Conduct a free discovery call with Jason to discuss your scheduling need.

2. Strategy Overview

 Jason will then put together a coaching plan that is focused on improving your team’s skill sets.

3. Implementation

Once approved, Jason will provide personal attention to your team as they improve their skills.

About the Consultant

Jason Grabowski

Jason Grabowski is the Founder of Baseline Achieved, a company dedicated to empowering customers to build effective project schedules. Jason is a senior project scheduler with years of experience supporting large, complex programs to include the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, AT&T FirstNet, and the Aegis Missile Program. Jason is also the author of the powerful Microsoft Project add-on Project X-Ray.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Virtual Consulting Effective?2020-05-28T23:29:58+00:00

Absolutely! Virtual consulting can actually be more effective than face-to-face since we can share screens leading to better collaboration.

What versions of Microsoft Project does Project X-Ray work with?2020-05-28T23:28:21+00:00

Project X-Ray works with Microsoft Project 2013 and newer versions.

Is there any Project X-Ray training available?2020-05-28T23:33:48+00:00

Rather than providing training, we decided to put together a very informative and useful Project X-Ray user manual. You can find this manual in the Document Library under the Resources section of our website.

Do I need to hire Jason for a specific length of time?2020-05-28T23:23:39+00:00

Not at all. No job is too large, and more importantly, no job is too small. I bill in 15 minute increments once we agree on an hourly rate based on the project.

Do you provide customized training options?2020-05-28T23:19:35+00:00

Absolutely! While we have a standard course list, Jason can deliver a custom training solution that covers any scheduling topics that you need. Request more information about customized training options by emailing Jason at

Do you provide in person training options?2020-05-28T23:19:11+00:00

While we only advertise virtual training options, Jason can provide in person training if desired. Request more information about in person training options by emailing Jason at

Do you provide private training?2020-05-28T23:18:16+00:00

Private training options are available. Usually I require a customer to have at least (4) students but exceptions can be made. Request more information about private training options by emailing Jason at

How much does it cost?2020-05-30T18:24:18+00:00

We provide pricing that is tailored to the individual needs of each customer. There is no standard, single price-per-hour for our services. This allows us to support a wide range of customers with a wide range of needs including individuals looking for some one-on-one coaching to organizations that are managing large, complex projects and everything in between.

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