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Project X-Ray is an add-in for Microsoft Project 2013 and Microsoft Project 2016 that performs schedule health assessments and a variety of different task traces to include Critical Path, Driving Path, Predecessor, and Successor traces. These functions are not found natively in Microsoft Project but are essential to building and maintaining an effective project schedule.

Check out the added functionality that Project X-Ray provides:

  • Task Counter
  • Project X-Ray Health Assessment
  • Critical Path Finder
  • Driving Path Finder
  • Task Tracer

Project X-Ray works on single file configurations. Project X-Ray will not work on Master/Sub Project configurations. Project X-Ray will also not trace external tasks.

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The Project X-Ray Ribbon Bar

Check out the new ribbon bar that gets added to your Microsoft Project 2013 or Microsoft Project 2016 ribbon bar.

Your Project X-Ray tools are easily accessible!

Task Counter

Ever wanted to count how many tasks where shown in your
Microsoft Project screen? Now you can!

Simply highlight the tasks that you want to count and Project X-Ray tells you how many tasks were selected.

That means no more copying tasks to Microsoft Excel to count them!

Critical Path Finder

Have you ever tried to find the Critical Path in a real-world project schedule? If so, then you know how difficult and time consuming it can be!

Even one date constraint or task deadline can lead to a broken or incorrect Critical Path in Microsoft Project. Project X-Ray takes care of this problem. Now with the click of a button, Project X-Ray will rip through your project schedule and show you the Critical Path in a matter of seconds.

Driving Path Finder

Are you managing a long project and only planned out a portion of the project using rolling wave planning? If so, then the Critical Path will be of little use to you. With Project X-Ray, you can now see the Driving Path to a specific task or milestone.

Simply click on an incomplete task or milestone and then run the Driving Path finder. You will see the Driving Path to this task or milestone in seconds.

Task Tracer

Want to see all of the predecessors or successors to a specific task or milestone? Tracing task predecessors or successors is easy with Project X-Ray.

Select a task or milestone and click a button. That is it. Project X-Ray rips through your project schedule and shows you all of the complete and incomplete predecessors or successors to a specific task or milestone.

Project X-Ray Health Assessment

Project X-Ray requires no additional training to setup and it is easy to use. Here is how simple it is to use:

  • Does your schedule have Planning Packages in support of rolling wave planning? If so, identify how they are tagged.
  • Does you schedule have Level of Effort tasks? If so, identify how they are tagged.
  • Enter the duration value you consider High Duration. The default is 44 days (roughly 2 months).
  • And last, identify whether or not you have entered resources.

Once you have answered these four questions, you are ready to run the assessment. Click ‘Run Assessment’ and Project X-Ray does the rest for you!

And the Project X-Ray report is just as easy to use. You can quickly review all the metrics and see the problem areas of your schedule.

Need to know what a metric means? Move your mouse over the metric name to see the definition. Want to see the actual tasks? Click on the quantity and Project X-Ray will instantly apply a filter to the project schedule so you can see just those tasks to make on-the-spot corrections.

Gain instant insight into the health of your project schedule with Project X-Ray!