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We have years of experience supporting both the federal government and private industry. Let our years of experience and technical expertise be there for you. Let Baseline Achieved help you achieve your baseline.

Schedule Development

Let our knowledge and experience be there for you. We will work with you and your project team to develop a project schedule that is structured around a product-oriented Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). A schedule built around a WBS is neat and organized. It is also easy to ensure that the total scope of work is accounted for. Don’t have a WBS? No problem. We can facilitate the development of a WBS as well. Once complete, your project schedule will contain custom views that allow you to see meaningful, relevant information at the click of a button to produce project status reports. We can then provide ongoing support or you can take over the maintenance of the project schedule.

Scheduling Support

Once project execution begins, it is critical that the project schedule be maintained and updated with actuals so that forecasts can be adjusted based on any variances from the original plan. Let us take on the job of managing and updating your project schedule by recording actuals and provide updated forecasted completion dates of key milestones. We would provide weekly reports displaying which tasks should have started and look-ahead reports to facilitate discussions on work coming up within the next two weeks to improve project commmunications. Don’t need that level of support? That is fine. No job is too big, or too small. We can even provide an hour or two of coaching or tutoring to help you improve your schedule’s effectiveness.

Schedule Health Assessments

A project schedule must be built following some basic rules and principles otherwise known as scheduling best practices. For example, one rule is to ensure that all discrete tasks have at least one predecessor and one successor. Scheduling best practices ensure that the schedule is dynamic and able to respond to changes from the original plan. A schedule health assessment can be used to check the underlying structure of the schedule to see how well it has been built. The healthier the schedule structure, the more confidence you can put into the forecasts that the schedule produces. Let us perform a schedule health assessment for you and help you improve the reliability and effectiveness of your schedule.

Schedule Analysis

Performing a schedule analysis is simply looking at the project schedule and assessing the real status of the project. This can include comparing actual performance to the baseline plan to identify variances, identifying which tasks are driving the schedule and need the most attention from the project manager, performing critical path or driving path traces, or identifying other trends that are evident in the schedule. A schedule analysis should be performed on a schedule at least once a month, especially on larger programs, to provide valuable insight into schedule drivers and identify areas that need attention. Let us perform a schedule analysis on one of your schedules and see what insight you have been missing.