In this tutorial, I will provide an overview of the Project X-Ray Clear All Filters function.

The Clear All Filters function is a feature that is found in the Project X-Ray Standard License and the Project X-Ray Free License.

Clear All Filters Function

The Clear All Filters function is a quick and easy way to return the schedule back to a normal, unfiltered state. This is like a returning to home base. At the click of the button, all of our filters and sorting actions are removed and the schedule is returned back to its normal state.

To use this function, simply click the ‘Clear All Filters’ button. Nice and simple…

When the ‘Clear All Filters’ button is pushed, Project X-Ray will do the following:

  • Clear all applied filters
  • Sort the schedule by task ID number
  • Apply the task name indentation function
  • Display summary tasks

Note: The Clear all Filters function also affects the Indent Name and the Summary Tasks options within Microsoft Project. You will see these two options included on nearly every Microsoft Project screen capture that I create. The reason for this is that I personally use these two options all the time. These two options are extremely useful. Click HERE to read more about how to add these two powerful options to your Quick Access Toolbar. If you don’t know what the Quick Access Toolbar is, you will definitely want to read this tutorial (one more chance to click HERE to read it).

Why is this Feature Important?

Over the years as I worked in Microsoft Project, I became very proficient in filtering and sorting my project schedules to show the right tasks on the screen to support a meeting or discussion. I was filtering and sorting the schedule so often that I wanted a quick and easy way to remove all filtering and sorting from the schedule when I was. And with that, the Clear All Filters button was born. With the click of a button, all of my filtering and sorting actions are cleared and the schedule is returned back to normal. Very quick and very effective…

Many of the functions within Project X-Ray apply some type of filtering or sorting to the project schedule. And you may have some filters already setup that you use regularly as well. As you use the filtering functionality of Project X-Ray and as you use your own filters, you will find the Project X-Ray Clear All Filters function very handy.

An Example

In the below screen capture, we see a project schedule that has been filtered by Project X-Ray to show some subset of tasks or milestones. Let’s assume that we have finished reviewing these tasks and milestones and we are ready to clear all filtering and sorting from the schedule.

Simply click the ‘Clear All Filters’ button and the schedule and the schedule is returned back to its normal state. As mentioned, I like to call this normal state – Home Base.


Now you have enough knowledge to use the Clear All Filters function to quickly and easily clear all filters and sorts from your project schedule.